My career as a CNA began in 1989 at a Sentara Nursing Facility.  And until recently my desire to become a Nursing Assistant has not changed.  What has changed is the outlook that I have on my career and how I can improve and/or be a part of such as fulfilling field in the care of patients. The care of patients has always been of the utmost importance to me, even today; and I try to pass that on to the staff. It is my primary goal for all patients ti be given the  best care possible at all times.

I have always enjoyed the hands on care,  versus the paper pushing and/or passing of the medications.  While they are all important the greatest  blessing to me has been direct care.

As a previous business owner, I gained the knowledge of managing all aspects of the business; keeping in mind that all parts are important and make up the successful whole. It is the same with patients, all parts of care are important and make up the successful care of the patient   

I plan to incorporate that mindset into my Healthcare Business. When I hire a Nursing Assistant I will try to hire those with a business outlook and a professional demeanor. I plan to stress that they are business owners and not employees.  This will also be a part of their training as the new Contracting Nursing Assistant. It is only through constant training and followup that this level of professionalism will be achieved. I plan to stress responsibility, thoroughness and above all caring. 

While this is a ongoing process it is a necessary one in the Healthcare field.

To differentiate my business from other contractors is the fact that they will be trained and held accountable for that level of training.

Family Kinship LLC