Mission Statement

Family Kinship LLC, is one of the newest businesses in the area.  Our goal is to achieve the highest level of professionalism to the Home Health Industry.  In my years of experience as a Nursing Assistant I have learned that the vast majority of nurses are regarded as less knowledgeable, less attentive, less prepared for the assignments ahead of them.  My goal as a business owner is to acquire a family of nursing professionals knowledgeable in all aspects of the business, more prepared for any and all circumstances that can arise; and attentive to the needs of each patient individually as well as collectively.

The care of patients is of the upmost importance to me and my staff, because that is a requirement.

When we as business owners take our eyes off of the needs of each patient. our focus diminishes and we are no longer performing at 100% capacity. In the past nursing assistants have been regarded as all of the above, our goal is to change that, and give them a new positive  look.

Without patients we cease to exist; therefore we must remain focused and attentive, prepared and knowledgeable in all aspects of healthcare.

Our mission is to achieve the highest quality of professionalism possible, and then to surpass that level.